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Family owned and operated since created in 2006! Only Employees of Artsy Nannies and are all Licensed, Bonded and Insured!

Artsy Nannies only hires employees that we would trust with our own children. Hotels refer clients for our Las Vegas Hotel Nannies, Las Vegas Babysitters and Las Vegas Child Care solutions! Secure Video Access available to check-in on your little ones from your mobile device!

Children love Artsy Nannies Las Vegas Drop-In Child Care for $5 an hour with membership. Large area loaded with a diverse variety of clean toys for the creativity, expression and FUN!

Artsy Nannies provides quality educational children activities, crafts, projects and more while parent’s enjoy themselves! Located on Las Vegas Blvd South, 1 mile south of Mandalay Bay.

Free 9am – 11am Daily mommy group events – JOIN NOW

Call about our 2024 Summer Camp! 702-448-4352

Artsy Nannies has accommodations next to the older children though separated to allow for safety for the little ones that are not "steady on their own two feet yet."

Toddlers are amazing at Artsy Nannies, truly embracing the new world around them as we explore, our environment is perfect.

Our staff of experienced care providers are wonderful with the older children that may need a place to study and ask questions.

Care Center & Nannies

In addition to babysitters, hotel nannies and our child care center on the Las Vegas Strip South we host nearly daily events. Our events welcome the parents in for free-time with their kiddos to familiarize and create the comfort that will allow the parents to enjoy time away.

about us

Our Philosophy

Every Nanny and Babysitter not only takes pride in caring for your children, but takes pride in their personal lives. Our Nannies are fun, energetic, goal-oriented, and love life. Our nannies and sitters are teachers, substitute teachers, elementary school counselors, college students currently obtaining degrees that involve working with children, and many other professional fields of work. Your children will enjoy their time with any of our Artsy Nannies.

Are you concerned about bed times or dinner? Don’t be, our nannies can prepare meals, bring your children to a hotel restaurant or order room service. Tell us their schedule and we are more then happy to
follow it.

Our requirements and process to become and remain an Artsy Nanny & Babysitter:

  • Every applicant must submit a resume directly to the Owner.
  • Applicants must explain gaps in their employment history.
  • Must have a minimum of three verifiable years in the childcare profession.
  • Complete a detailed application.
  • Always maintain current CPR and First Aid certifications for infants, children and adults.
  • Every employee is mature, goal driven, energetic, happy, full of life, and patient.
  • Applicants must be 20 years of age and older.
  • Must be fluent in English.

To become an Artsy Nanny is an honor.

Las Vegas Facility

We have the toys, crafts and activities for the children while being neighbors to the world's best dining, shopping and entertainment


We teach the Montessori ways to help make the most of your precious time. Each week our trained Montessori Guide offers thoughts and lessons that are on every parent’s mind distilling tips and tricks assisting you even when you are away from Artsy Nannies.

Hotel Nannies & Babysitters

We are the only company approved by Event risk managements that do not use any contractors, our hotel nannies are employees of Artsy Nannies. Since 2006 Las Vegas Events', Hotels' and Venues' staff have referred Artsy Nannies to their clientele.

Drop-In Infant Care

Reserve your children a space in our infant area that is equipped especially for the littlest that are learning to walk.

Vegas Group Events

Check out our Meet-Up page for more information on our nearly daily group events.

Vegas Event Child Care

Book our awesome nannies to provide group child care at your event. We have cared for groups of children of over 120 children of military families to groups of 8 at weddings.

What Parents Think

our team

Meet our Qualified Staff

  • No contractors, ONLY employees
  • Professional mindset employees
  • Educated adults over 20 years of age
  • Three years of professional childcare experience
  • Background checked
  • Vigorously interviewed by business owner
  • Uniformed and equipped with company owned games, projects, art, crafts and imagination!
    CPR & First Aid Certified
our Activities


Camp with Artsy Nannies is a special place of a community of children that come together to have fun in a social and educational environment while building on their personal abilities. Our camp is a safe place where kiddos enhance their ability to communicate and interact with others even resolving minor conflicts.
Each camp may have different age requirements. Expect your child to walk well and be of four years of age or older.
Camps are monthly and weekly, please call to reserve. Please follow us on our social media links provided at the bottom of this page. Additionally you can join our Meet-Up Group for free.

DIY Workshops

Children DIY Workshops are themed seasonally offering an amazing way for children to enjoy creating more elaborate crafts that last a forever. Artsy Nannies Workshop examples include wreaths, doll houses, rockets, planes, sculptures and more.
We ask parents be aware of each Workshops specific instructions and may be for older children due to their complexity.
Please call or visit us anytime for our drop-in workshops.


If you are not looking for child care and are looking to simply entertain children we provide themed crafts at your location. Your professional or personal gathering needing a child friendly aspect is our specialty. We provide these child friendly areas at any location within reason of course. Our entertainment redirects the children's attention away from the parents. The children are occupied with clowns, games, jugglers, magicians and more.
We have provided child friendly areas for groups of all sizes and ages of children.
Please email for more information.

Artsy Mommies

Calling all Artsy Mommies and Artsy Grandmommies!! This is an absolutely FREE play group for children and woman of all ages. If you are looking for a fun group to join with no strings attached, you've found it! Our groups main focus is our children. Arts and crafts and fun is what we are all about! The children (and Mommies) have fun completing unique arts and crafts, fun games and simple science projects. All of our group meetings are held at Artsy Nannies and the Park located inside Town Square on the Las Vegas strip. Join our group to experience tons of FUN, make great friends and just get out of the house! We hope you decide to join us at our next meetup. 🙂
This is a parent and child event so any age child is welcome. This is a great opportunity to have your child familiarize themselves with Artsy Nannies child care center.
Visit or call us for the next or same day events.


Our themed parties always create the best of the season and holiday. Artsy Nannies has hosted the best St. Patty's Days
Children of all ages are invited to attend. Due to each event's specifics please review the individual event for age requirements. Parents are also usually invited though please double check.
Check with us anytime!
Calendar Under Construction
our blog
Drop-In & Nanny Prices
$8 / day

NV Drop-In Care

    $8.00/hr per child 2 and older
    with a valid Nevada I.D. of the child’s parent/guardian for a maximum of 4 Hours.
    At 4 hours and 5 minutes, the charge of the 5th hour becomes double in price. Example: check in at 1:30 P.M. check out at 4:45 P.M., the charge then becomes 4 hours of care.
  • Diaper changes not included.
$10 / day

NV Drop-In Care

    $10.00/hr per child under 2 with a valid Nevada I.D. of the child’s parent/guardian, Diaper changes included. *This age group must have clean/unworn socks available for $2.50. At 4 hours and 5 minutes, the charge of the 5th hour then becomes double. Example: check in at 1:30 P.M. check out at 4:45 P.M., the charge becomes 4 hours of care.
  • Diaper changes are included.
$9 / day

Out-of-Town Care

    $9.00/hr per child 2 and older without a valid Nevada I.D. of the child’s parent/guardian for a maximum of 4 Hours. At 4 hours and 5 minutes, the charge of the 5th hour becomes double in price. Example: check in at 1:30 P.M. check out at 4:45 P.M., the charge then becomes 4 hours of care. Children 2 years and older, diaper changes not included.
$11 / day

Out-of-Town Care

    $11.00/hr per child under 2 without a valid Nevada I.D. of the child’s parent/guardian for a maximum of 4 Hours. At 4 hours and 5 minutes, the charge of the 5th hour becomes double in price. Example: check in at 1:30 P.M. check out at 4:45 P.M., the charge then becomes 4 hours of care. Children 2 years and older, diaper changes not included.
$5 / day

Membership Care

  • $150 Six Month (add $50 per sibling)
  • $200 One Year
  • (add +$100 sibling 1; +$75 sibling 2; +$25 sibling 3)
  • Drop-in child care
  • Priority Reservations
  • Entire Family Membership

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Established in 2006 the Artsy Nannies staff and ownership has focused on quality service and consistency of employees. Click below to visit our Facebook page.

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+1 (702) 448-4352 - FOR RESERVATIONS!

6569 South Las Vegas Blvd Building Q, Suite 159 Las Vegas, NV 89119


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