After 11 Years of Child Care! Here's the most common ?'s


" My clients and I had the best time ever knowing our children we cared for and learning while I was able to share my business plan and how they can benefit from my products and make money! Andrea and her staff is outstanding and fun. We use them for dates and strongly suggest them to our family and friends. Sarah P."

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do we mean when we say our nannies are employees not contractors?
As employees they are licensed, bonded and insured through the company, unlike other companies that use contractors. We document the individual, background check, interview and employ them. Also we treat them as family and our team or wonderful care-givers even pay them as employees!

What is the latest time the nanny can arrive at my hotel?
Nannies must arrive no later than 11pm, remember first 15 minutes is free so we can understand your expectations and your family's routein.

Can we care for four children? What is the cost?
Four children is $10 more per hour with one nanny, any more children will need an additional nannies.

How young is the youngest child you can care for at the hotels?
Our nannies can care for children as young as 12 weeks old.

How late can the nannies stay with my children?
The nannies can care for your children as late as you need them to.

How many hours can the nanny care for my children?
Each nanny can care for children up to twelve hours per day. If more than twelve hours are needed we can send a different nanny.

How old are the nannies?
All nannies are 20 years of age and older.

Can the nanny take my children to the pool?
Since we have the most fun care givers available, of course! We can tend to your children anywhere. Please notify us so the nanny can bring appropriate clothing.

Do the nannies accept tips? What is the usual amount?
Our nannies enjoy extra earnings, so your gratuities are very much appreciated. The usual cash only tip of 15-20% of your total charge is not expected but graciously appreciated.

Can the nanny wait by my show until it lets out instead of my hotel room?
The properties do not allow minors to loiter in public areas. We advise our nannies to not linger around any public areas that are not designated for minors.

If I request the nanny to stay for six hours and I return within five; Will I still be charged for six hours?
You are only charged for time after the minimum three hours of care for each reservation. Our minimum reservation time for any one reservation is three hours. No you would not be charged for six hours, only five hours.

Do the nannies bring something for the children to do like arts, crafts and entertainment?
The nannies are equiped with company bags that are bright pink like their uniforms filled with fun games, books, projects, crafts and more.

Do I need to provide food for the nanny?
Our nannies are instructed to bring their own food and water.

Where do I meet the nanny since she does not go straight to my hotel room?
All nannies meet you at the bottom of the elevator closiest to your room. They never go directly to your hotel room without meeting you at the elevator first on the casino level. If your hotel does not have an elevator the nanny will meet you at the front desk.

Can your agency provide care for more than four children?
For an additional $10 per hour your nanny will care for four children depending on the ages of the children. If more than four children need care we will need to send an additional nanny.

How long has Artsy Nannies been in business?
The company has been in Las Vegas since 2006, that's 12 years now. Don't forget we are located on the Las Vegas Blvd.

What makes Artsy Nannies different?
Firstly, we do not hire contractors, so each nanny is amazing and well maintained and trained. Secondly, Artsy Nannies provides all the projects, arts, books, games, training and maintainance of certifications and qualifications which include First Aid, CPR, AED, background checked and much, much more.

Artsy Nannies are: Professional, Uniformed and Only Employees

Artsy Nannies Issued Bag of Projects & Crafts!

We equip the nannies with our company's bright pink bag filled with projects, games, arts and crafts!

Artsy Nannies Issued Employee Uniforms

All nannies are employees in uniforms! Wearing their company issued and easily recognizable bright pink logo'd shirts make them easy to spot!

Learning that is energectic, creative and FUN!

Artsy Nannies employees are able to take your children to the pool, park, go on walks; our nannies even have the children created scavenger hunts!

Child care at the Movies, Events, Arcade, Anywhere!

While you are away and with your permission, your children can participate in an event, movie, kids only dinner or anything!